The Times They Are A-Changin': New Baby, New Job

Well! These past 2 days have been rather action-packed!

First things first: I am pleased to announce that yesterday afternoon, my beautiful wife Kendall delivered our first child. Our daughter Hallie Elizabeth Adams was born into the world at 12:14 PM EST on Sunday, January 6, 2013. She is being monitored for some kidney issues we already knew about from prenatal ultrasounds but otherwise is healthy and doing very well. We posted a picture of our happy family on the post we added on our family blog.

As if that wasn't enough activity for one day, I started a new job today as well! I'm honored and excited to have accepted a role as a Senior Solution Consultant with Ariba, an SAP company. It's interesting how sometimes things come full-circle: Ariba is the leader in business commerce and corporate procurement, an industry in which I worked at the start of my career over 15 years ago! Ariba has been very understanding about the near-simultaneous timing of these 2 wonderful events and they are allowing me to ease into the job slowly, which I very much appreciate.

I think I'm going to be just a little bit busy for a little while... :)

Pete Freitag's Gravatar Congrats Josh! You will certainly be busy, but it's very exciting too.
# Posted By Pete Freitag | 1/7/13 11:59 AM
David Chandler's Gravatar Congrats, Josh!
# Posted By David Chandler | 1/8/13 9:38 PM
Bob Flynn's Gravatar That's fantastic, Josh. Welcome to life's biggest adventure!

All the best to you and you wife.
# Posted By Bob Flynn | 1/9/13 8:18 AM
Emily Stange's Gravatar Congratulations Kendall and Josh!! So happy to hear about your new baby girl! I wish you the best in life =)
# Posted By Emily Stange | 1/10/13 12:34 AM
Sean Schroeder's Gravatar Congrats, Josh! Look forward to seeing where this next phase of your life takes you. Take care, buddy.
# Posted By Sean Schroeder | 1/15/13 2:11 PM
Peter Bell's Gravatar Congrats Josh - busy but cool times!!!
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