Adobe Adventures, the Final Chapter: Moving on

It is with great excitement that I announce that I have left Adobe to seek new opportunities. My 4.5+ years at Adobe were amazing: joining Adobe was a great choice--in fact, it was without a doubt the best choice I could have made at the time. I am leaving very much better for the experience than when I arrived and I have incredible customers and partners as well as great colleagues past and present to thank for that. So thank you!

I joined Adobe in February 2008 as the Senior Solutions Consultant for ColdFusion for North America (see this blog post). At the beginning of this fiscal year, I was moved to a new team, the Web Experience Management Solutions Consulting team, and I worked with CQ and Scene7. Both of these roles were wonderful experiences and I gained so much from them. However, due to some organizational changes at Adobe combined with a number of extremely encouraging conversations with external organizations, I chose to leave Adobe at the end of September.

Leaving Adobe is certainly bittersweet for me: as I mentioned above, joining Adobe was a great choice and I'm leaving very much better for the experience and I will miss so many people I had the pleasure of interacting with in my roles at Adobe. Getting to be the ColdFusion SC was a dream job and the opportunity to work with CQ and Scene7 was tremendous as well. However, as I also mentioned above, the conversations I've had about external opportunities have me feeling very excited and encouraged about what comes next for me and it just appears at this point that the best fit is going to be outside Adobe. I was initially going to hold posting about my departure from Adobe until such time as I have made a choice as to what the next thing is going to be--but I decided to get this on out there now while I'm still investigating my options because it's always possible that someone reading this will know about an opportunity that is even better than the great opportunities I am already considering. :) So: if you have available or know of any opportunities I should know about, please let me know! The best way to reach me is to fill out my contact form. Thanks!

I look forward to updating you very soon about my next adventure!

Jon Davidson's Gravatar Best of luck to you Josh, I'll keep my eyes and ears open for you!
Hope you are doing well!
# Posted By Jon Davidson | 10/8/12 9:05 PM
Josh Adams's Gravatar Thanks, Jon! I feel like I'm doing well but it's all in God's hands. :)
# Posted By Josh Adams | 10/8/12 9:48 PM
Charlie Arehart's Gravatar Wow, and just as you're about to become a dad. Bold move, but you're like a cat, always landing on its feet. :-) Still, as you note in the comment to Jon, His will be done. Hoping (and will be praying) that things work out well for you, Kendall, and the little one to come. Selfishly hoping we get to keep you in Atlanta, and better still if we might see you back in CF! :-)
# Posted By Charlie Arehart | 10/8/12 10:42 PM
steve howard's Gravatar Great stuff. Onwards and upwards, Josh. I'm sure you'll continue to sparkle wherever you make your next opportunity.
# Posted By steve howard | 10/8/12 11:32 PM
Joe Rinehart's Gravatar Congrats Josh! Enjoy the new gig.
# Posted By Joe Rinehart | 10/9/12 6:40 AM
Josh Adams's Gravatar Thanks, Charlie. It's a really exciting time. God has been good to me in a lot of regards (and you know I mean that very sincerely) and I have been blessed to land on my feet well in my career previously. We'll see what he has in store for me this time! Thanks for the prayers!
# Posted By Josh Adams | 10/9/12 9:04 AM
Josh Adams's Gravatar Thanks, Steve. I appreciate the encouragement. These are exciting times!
# Posted By Josh Adams | 10/9/12 9:05 AM
Josh Adams's Gravatar Thanks, Joe. Nice: I appreciate the forward-looking statement there! I certainly do plan to enjoy the new gig, whatever it may turn out to be! :)
# Posted By Josh Adams | 10/9/12 9:05 AM
Steve Withington's Gravatar Best wishes Josh!! You're a smart guy with a bright future and I'm certain you'll do great wherever you end up. Prayers and blessings to you and your family.
# Posted By Steve Withington | 10/9/12 9:16 AM
Josh Adams's Gravatar Thanks, Steve W: I appreciate the encouragement--and I appreciate the prayers even more!
# Posted By Josh Adams | 10/9/12 9:18 AM
Andrew Mikkelsen's Gravatar Hey Josh, best wishes to you and your family on your next endeavor. You'll be missed!
# Posted By Andrew Mikkelsen | 10/11/12 1:43 PM
Steve's Gravatar All the best Josh, I know you'll find something to fit your career path. Oh, and btw, we have a baby due 11/28 ourselves so I know where you're at! ;)
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