Entering a Serial Number into the ColdFusion 9 Administrator

Although this post is written for ColdFusion 9, the majority of information in this post applies to most releases of ColdFusion.

When you install ColdFusion 9, you can (but are not required to) enter your serial number (sometimes also referred to as a license key) during the installation (there's one caveat to this: there's a known issue with the 64-bit Linux installers not accepting ColdFusion 9 Standard serial numbers; see the related post listed below for more information). I'm not going to cover that in this post because there's no need: you just put your serial number in when prompted. What I'm going to cover here is entering a serial number into the ColdFusion 9 Administrator; you might need to do this for reasons including, but not limited to, not entering it during installation of ColdFusion 9.

Okay, so here we go:

  1. Log into the ColdFusion Administrator:

  2. Once you're logged in, click the System Information icon in the upper right; in the screenshot below, I've circled it in red:

  3. From there it's pretty easy; just put your serial number in the New License text box then press the Submit Changes button:

  4. That's it! The page will refresh and you can scroll down and see the information on your Edition of ColdFusion and the serial number you just entered (I've redacted mine in the screenshot below for reasons I think are fairly obvious):

Tomas Sancio's Gravatar Thanks for the tutorial. It's not as straight-forward as it should be.
# Posted By Tomas Sancio | 10/12/11 12:47 PM
Anton's Gravatar Thank you for the post. It helps me with this issue even for CF 2016.
# Posted By Anton | 11/27/16 3:53 AM
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