Hang/Hook/Hold/Stick/Mount Portable Hard Drive to Laptop/Notebook Lid/Top/Case with Suction Cup

Eh...sorry if the title of this post is a little hard to read--it's because I really want others to be able to find this info when they do an Internet search 'cause I sure couldn't find any info about anything like this!

I wanted a way to hang/hook/hold/stick/mount/something! my portable hard drive onto the back of my MacBook Pro's lid/top/case/display/whatever. I wanted something that I could attach and remove quickly and easily and that, when removed, wouldn't leave any traces of its presence on the laptop (so no modifications of any type to the laptop). I was more open to modifying the portable hard drive case, but I wasn't wild about that. Really, that left me only 2 options: suction and hanging hooks--and what I discovered is that the best approach is a combination of both: suction for the portable hard drive and a hook to hang it all from the laptop lid. :) I found a wreath hook at Jo-Ann that is perfect! Check it out:

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Jon Davidson's Gravatar That is very cool Josh, you are the Man! I admire your sticktoitiveness.
# Posted By Jon Davidson | 8/9/09 8:15 PM
charlie arehart's Gravatar Yes, very clever, Josh. Thanks for sharing. I can appreciate the value of that, when you're on the road a lot with the laptop and want to have such a spare drive. They're often flopping around.

And Jon, that was very punny (sticktoitiveness). :-)
# Posted By charlie arehart | 8/9/09 8:49 PM
Eric's Gravatar any long term stress on the computer from hanging the hard drive?
# Posted By Eric | 12/14/09 6:18 PM
Josh Adams's Gravatar Good question, Eric. I don't know if it's fair to give a general answer to that question but what I can tell you is that I've been using this set up without issue for quite a while on my 15-inch MacBook Pro (circa February 2008; it's prior to the aluminum uni-body design or whatever it is that they call it; incidentally, I hear that on those uni-body MacBook Pros that the display hinge is too weak to support the weight of a set up such as this).
# Posted By Josh Adams | 12/16/09 12:26 PM
Erik's Gravatar Been searching for some type of solution to this very problem so I'm glad you used so many terms in your title. Very creating solution! Was combing the computer stores for some ideas but didn't find anything even remotely as functional as yours. Thanks for the idea!
# Posted By Erik | 2/21/10 7:54 PM
Andrej Zirko's Gravatar What about vibrations? Do you feel any vibrations when you hang the external hdd like that? Overall it's very good idea - I was looking for similar solution :-)
# Posted By Andrej Zirko | 2/5/11 12:40 PM
Josh Adams's Gravatar @Andrej: good question! But no, I haven't had any issues with vibrations. It probably depends on the external hard drive you use.
# Posted By Josh Adams | 2/13/11 10:30 PM
Satmeet's Gravatar Good job, very clever. And ur "hard to read title" helped me to end up on ur blog. :)
# Posted By Satmeet | 7/21/11 7:22 PM
Aaron's Gravatar Thanks for posting this. I was looking for something just like this. I'll have to give it try.
# Posted By Aaron | 2/22/12 11:22 AM
Frank's Gravatar that is really good idea, I believe I'd better to buy a extra warranty for this solution. Anyway, it's really cool.
# Posted By Frank | 4/7/12 2:37 AM
# Posted By Miguel | 12/18/12 1:23 PM
Josh Adams's Gravatar Thank, Miguel. Good to post that here too. I remember seeing that at one point; not sure when but it was probably before I came up with my solution. That looks like a very good solution and I don't recall precisely why I didn't go with it--though it may simply be that I can't see that you can actually buy that enclosure! Actually, though, I'd like to think I'd remember my frustration in wanting that and not being able to buy it (though sadly, I manage to forget all kinds of things) so maybe it is just that I already had the portable drive and just wanted something to work with it, not a whole new enclosure. Anyway, this alternative solution is certainly a much more visually attractive solution than the one I employed!

Actually, though, my second MacBook Pro (of the unibody style that replaced the style show in my pictures here in this post) didn't have such powerful hinges so I went away from that approach to a new one that I've continued to employ here with my MacBook Air: 128GB SD card. SD is VERY slow but I'm just using it for backup and slow backup is better than NO backup! And so what's critical is that it's VERY easy to have it ALWAYS attached to (in this case, inserted into) my MacBook Air (as was the case for my MacBook Pro previously). The MacBook Air has a 256GB drive so the 128GB SD card isn't a perfect solution for creating fully cloned bootable copy of the MacBook Air drive with SuperDuper!; however, by excluding some files that aren't critical to back up, it works for me--for now at least. At some point, it might become an issue and if it does then I'll look to get a 256GB SD card. Those just came out about 3 months ago and when I looked a couple of months back they were running about $900; as of this writing, they're running $400 so the price is certainly trending in the right direction! If I get to the point where I feel like I need one, hopefully they'll be available at an even lower price that I'll be willing to pay.
# Posted By Josh Adams | 12/18/12 2:00 PM
myself's Gravatar thanks! I was searching an idea like yours for hours! and I don't speak/read/write english very well, so it was very difficult!
# Posted By myself | 4/15/13 4:51 PM
Wojtek Kruszewski's Gravatar I saw a design of a laptop case with pockets for accessories: http://www.quirky.com/products/462-Macbook-Case

Still haven't found anything available for sale.
# Posted By Wojtek Kruszewski | 1/2/14 12:26 PM
Jacques Page's Gravatar Hi all. I came up with a possible solution last year when my portable drive went flying across the room which generated a $1300.00 recovery bill!
After thinking long and hard and involving someone who could make it happen, we came up with this elegant solution to please those who seek a solution to those drive laying beside the laptops (or desktops).. http://portabledrivesleeve.com
# Posted By Jacques Page | 3/18/14 1:03 AM
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