Outlook 2011 for Mac Email Reply Name Is Wrong + Changing Registration Name for Office 2011 for Mac

I recently wrote a blog post about Outlook 2011 for Mac showing my name as "Default User Nam" in replies. I had no idea why Outlook 2011 for Mac was using "Default User Nam" so I presumed that, in keeping with the name itself, it was a program default. But then I noticed something: when any of the Office 2011 for Mac apps loaded on my machine, they showed that "Default User Nam" in the load banner. Maybe that's what you get if you install Office 2011 for Mac and don't put something else in--but maybe it's just what ended up in there specifically in my case when Adobe IT did this install. But in any case, it makes one thing pretty clear: in my case, the name that shows on the load banner for Office 2011 for Mac programs (you might also refer to this as the name used to register Office 2011 for Mac) is the name that was used to create the initial contact for "me" in Outlook 2011 for Mac. So, for what it's worth, that's certainly how the issue I described in my referenced blog post above (the issue of Outlook 2011 for Mac showing "Default User Nam" for me when writing an email reply) came about.

Now, if you want to change the name to which Office 2011 for Mac is actually registered, check out this forum thread. This will change what appears in those Office 2011 for Mac load banners. However, I strongly suspect that this won't fix the issue with Outlook 2011 for Mac using the incorrect name for you when you write a reply--but the good news is that the instructions in my blog post linked above will help you fix that issue. And note that while in my case there is strong evidence that the two issues were related, they don't have to be. So you might have your name properly entered for Office 2011 for Mac such that it shows up correctly in the load banners and yet you still might be getting the right name showing up for yourself in reply emails--well, that's okay: my blog post linked above will still help you solve that issue. It doesn't matter if you're getting "Default User Nam" as the wrong name for yourself when replying to email or if you're getting some other random wrong name or even if you're getting the name of one of your real contacts: it's all ultimately the same situation and going through the instructions on my blog post linked above will help you.

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Suzanne Rose's Gravatar Thanks for posting this! We had the exact same issue and couldn't figure it out for the longest time (kept thinking it was something on the server end) until I found your blog post on the subject. It fixed our problem immediately :)
# Posted By Suzanne Rose | 10/31/12 11:33 AM
Nick's Gravatar Go to your Outlook contacts and do a search for email address associated with the wrong name. Delete that contact. Everything should be fine then.
# Posted By Nick | 1/29/15 11:30 AM
Josh Adams's Gravatar @Nick: thanks for your reply. As for deleting a contact making everything fine, well, it depends on what you mean by "everything": deleting a contact will certainly not change the name to which Office 2011 is registered; for that you have to follow the instructions on the forum thread linked in my blog post. Now, for the issue of Outlook showing the wrong name on replies: I am not in a position to test your solution but I know the one I detailed in the linked blog post works so I continue to recommend it; however, alternative solutions that work are always good to add to the mix so if yours works for people, that's great!
# Posted By Josh Adams | 1/29/15 1:08 PM
nical preston's Gravatar I found a macbook pro in portland...and as i was new owner i had to get info from apple to clear hardware...it seems to lead to multiple hardware resets...?, im a windows np anyways
# Posted By nical preston | 5/8/15 1:14 PM
Carol's Gravatar You're a genius! Thanks so much!
# Posted By Carol | 7/22/15 12:06 AM
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