Getting Started with ColdFusion: Upcoming ColdFusion 9 eSeminars

The Adobe ColdFusion team has set up a 2-part eSeminar series that I will be presenting to help those new to ColdFusion get started. The first of these sessions is geared towards those who have never done any development but who are familiar with the basics of HTML. The second session builds on the first and is the perfect time for those who have done previous development but are new to ColdFusion to jump in. The sessions have been scheduled for a week apart so that attendees at the first session have a little time to practice their skills on their own after the first session in preparation for the second session. Join us!

Here is the information on these sessions:

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# Posted By Mekrellere | 10/13/18 12:08 AM
DavidSheppard's Gravatar The session will incorporate accepted procedures for composing secure applications. It will examine the new APIs and highlights included ColdFusion 9. The session will likewise incorporate brief about hot-fix installer and Secure profile highlights.
# Posted By DavidSheppard | 11/14/18 1:46 AM
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