Must Have Administrative Rights on Windows to Run Adobe Updater

Well, okay, so I don't know that the title of this post is strictly true: you may be able to run the Adobe Updater even if you're not logged into Windows as a user with administrative rights--but I don't know how you launch Adobe Updater other than from the Help menu of an Adobe product and the point I'm really making in this post is that if you aren't logged into Windows with administrative rights, you either won't have the menu option "Check for Updates" (this was the behavior I observed in Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader) or the menu option "Adobe [Product Name] Updates" will be "grayed out" and unavailable to be selected (this was the behavior I observed in Adobe ColdFusion Builder).

So the point is this: make sure you're logged into Windows with administrative rights if you want to update your Adobe products! If you find this same behavior on another operating system, please post a comment to let me know.

I'm posting this because when I searched to figure out what the problem was, I couldn't find anything; fortunately, it dawned on me what the issue was. But some keywords for search engine indexing are in order here: Adobe Check for Updates menu item not shown, Adobe Check for Updates menu item not available, Adobe Check for Updates menu item not there, Adobe Check for Updates menu item missing, cannot run Adobe Updater.

Bob Chesley's Gravatar Josh - I am having similar issues trying to update a version to the latest update on the Mac platform as well. I have verified that I have admin rights, that my Adobe updater directory as referenced in this tech not ( is owned by my user and still cannot get the Adobe Updater to do anything with with CFBuilder for updates.

I just finished reinstalling from the trial which is also at release rather than the latest build and am running the updater but I suspect that CFB will be skipped.

I was also experienceing the "Licensing for this product has stopped working" problem referenced in tech note ( Referencing this tech note I do not see ' Library/Application Support/Flexnet Publisher/Service/' in my user library path but reinstalling did not solve this problem.

This is very frustrating. My Mac OS version is 10.6.4 (snow leopard).

Thanks in advance.

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