The Scoop on Scoping

I did a presentation called "The Scoop on Scoping" and it's high time I post it here. It has a lot of good information, however, if you don't plan to read it, let me at least give you the Golden Rule of ColdFusion Scoping:

Scope all references to all variables all the time (where ColdFusion allows it)

In ColdFusion 9, with the introduction of the "Local" keyword to identify the function local scope, there really won't be any good excuse to not refer to scopes by name all the time and so that "(where ColdFusion allows it)" part can pretty much go away. :)

The PDF version of the presentation is available via this link.

Jose Galdamez's Gravatar I recently started writing out scopes in all caps just like it's done in the CF WACK books.


It helps me keep scopes apart from other custom structures.

I know it's mostly a matter of preference, but I'm curious if you've come across strong opinions against this style?
# Posted By Jose Galdamez | 8/27/09 2:55 PM
Rudi Shumpert's Gravatar Josh! Great presentation. I could not agree more on scopes.
# Posted By Rudi Shumpert | 8/27/09 3:20 PM
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