Heading to Estonia!

I'm heading out today on a short-term mission trip to Estonia! You can read more about it at http://www.estoniax.com/josh and you can follow our team's blog (hosted by my good friends at FusionLink and running on Mango Blog) at http://blog.estoniax.com. But don't worry--I'll be back to Atlanta in time for the ColdFusion 9 + Flex 4 User Group Tour meeting with Ben Forta!

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# Posted By Hallie Green | 3/20/19 10:44 AM
Chloe Mitchel's Gravatar I am also heading to Estonia. I have a business meeting with a company https://qualityessay.com/samples.html. I will have some spare time to stroll around the city. Hope to enjoy it.
# Posted By Chloe Mitchel | 3/28/19 9:14 AM
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