ColdFusion 8 Enterprise or Standard?

How do you decide between ColdFusion 8 Enterprise and ColdFusion 8 Standard? Start by attending my Adobe eSeminar "The Right Fit: Adobe ColdFusion 8 Enterprise or Standard" to be held on Wednesday, April 29, 2009 at 11:00 AM PST. I hope to see you there!

Steven Esser's Gravatar Since I missed your presentation (by two months or so :P) I still wonder what the big differences are between Standard and Enterprise. I had the feeling that since CF8, Adobe had changed their idea of differences between those two products and their functionality.
I have always had CFx Standard versions as they are a bit cheaper then the Enterprise version. I have hosted multiple websites on a shared hosting with that without any trouble. I wondered if CF8 was still capable of that on standard version.

Feel free to msg or email me back. Steven
# Posted By Steven Esser | 6/22/09 11:41 AM
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