Unsupported ColdFusion Configurations

I guess you could say this is the unofficial thread on unofficial ColdFusion configurations. :)

But before we get to that, I need to make this statement: I recommend running ColdFusion in a supported configuration as specified here:


ANY deviation from these System Requirements is strictly at your own risk! Among the risks is a lack of support from Adobe--Adobe only supports configurations meeting the System Requirements!

Now, let me explain things a little further: the System Requirements information indicates tested and supported configurations for ColdFusion; it does not (at least necessarily) contain definitive information on what configurations will run ColdFusion. That is to say, there may well be configurations not listed that will run ColdFusion, but Adobe cannot and will not make any comments about these and again I must stress that, most importantly, Adobe will not support such configurations.

I hope the information I have just shared is enlightening in and of itself; I think it will be because I'm regularly asked questions on the subject, usually in the form of "will xxx work with ColdFusion." But for those questions to which I have to answer "it is not supported, but as to whether or not it will work, I cannot say" my hope here is that others will be able to share their experiences with these unsupported configurations. My intention is in no way to encourage the use of ColdFusion with unsupported configurations; my only desire is to help those who choose to use such configurations knowingly and with a full understanding the implications of using such configurations.

So...if you have a question about an unsupported ColdFusion configuration, ask away in a comment! If your experience has been that ColdFusion either does or does not work with a certain unsupported configuration, please note it in a comment! When commenting, please specify as much information as possible about your configuration, certainly including your version of ColdFusion.

Tom Chiverton's Gravatar I reported via the UK support bods some time ago that your information for 64bit SuSE Linux v10.2 is wrong, as it requires the same updated glibc (from OpenSuSE) as SLES 10.1 did, i.e. you can't use an out of the box SLES 10.x install.
They did say they would try to get the support matrix updated...
# Posted By Tom Chiverton | 9/23/08 7:03 AM
Josh Adams's Gravatar @Tom--thanks to your input, the System Requirements have been updated! I thought about deleting your comment (and notifying you via email of course) so as to not confuse people now that the information is no longer correct, but I have instead decided to leave the comment and this follow up as an example to others. :)
# Posted By Josh Adams | 9/24/08 1:40 AM
Tom Chiverton's Gravatar One thing worse than requirments with (minor) mistakes in, are reqs. that change without warning - so you build a supported system and then 3 months latter it isn't. So this sort of feedback is great.
# Posted By Tom Chiverton | 9/24/08 5:35 AM
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