Bad Marketing, Part 1

I find myself regularly surprised at some of the downright confounding marketing decisions I see made out there. Now, I'm a detail-oriented person so I sometimes catch things that most people wouldn't, but some of these things are glaring. Everyone makes mistakes, but when it's something like a TV commercial, I would think that there would be multiple content reviewers to prevent those mistakes from making it out into the wild. Yet today, I heard this in a commercial:

Don't shop around, call [offending company] first.

So much for content reviewers! Maybe it's just me, but the first thing I thought was "why are they telling me not to shop around?" Well, actually the first thing I thought was how arrogant it is that they would presume to tell me what to do, but once I moved past that I was left with the aforementioned question, to which I could only conclude that they have something to hide. Now, maybe they do have something to hide and maybe they don't--it doesn't really matter because at this point they have put the seed of doubt in my mind and I don't trust them. And that's what I call Bad Marketing.

DeeAnn's Gravatar They are assuming that people are lazy. Progressive is the company I am the most surprised about. they say they do the car insurance shopping FOR you. generally I am skeptical about that sort of thing. How do I know that is the best for ME? granted I dont' have a car or drive but I am sure you see what I am getting at. somebody else may not be int he same boat I am and they may not bea ble to speak for antoher company. they should stick to their own rates. it's a great idea in theory but just is not a realistic practice.
# Posted By DeeAnn | 10/27/08 5:42 AM
CheyenneJack's Gravatar Hmmm, great observation. Rock on with your detail-oriented self.

I suppose I barely hear commercials, but to this end I did hear one of the radio commercials for a diamond dealer in town say, "Shop around first, then come see us. You'll be glad you did and realize just how good our service and prices are then."

Basically the opposite of your commercial, but it exudes confidence just as well as the other oozes greasy. I suppose in the end the great thing about bad marketing, is that when you see it, now you know how to do GREAT marketing.

That being said, when anyone reading this wants to put up a killer mohawk or find ideas for any extreme hair...

My first tip. Do not go to

Definitely do like I did in the beginning and wander around to random salons and punk rock bars for advice. Then, get some random items like eggs, toothpaste, glue, gel, gelatin and spray. Lay down on a counter top slap all that in there and let it dry for a few hours. Stand up, take a picture of your flop-hawk and then go to to upload your picture and let us all laugh at your efforts, only because most of us have been there.

Nothing worse than all these "whipper snapper" kids social media'ing there way around the interweb getting all the advice first and then rocking a great 'hawk on their first time.

I repeat. Do not visit The rebellion is in the struggle and fight against gravity and information. Keep it there.
# Posted By CheyenneJack | 11/18/08 10:19 PM
Miya Kim's Gravatar Pretty funny. I wholeheartedly concur!
# Posted By Miya Kim | 2/20/09 11:06 AM
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