Thinking in the shower

Are you one of those people who does some of his/her best thinking in the shower? I am. And for longer than I can remember, every now and then, I've had a thought to which my response was "hey--I need to put up a blog so I can post about that." Today's thought? "I have a blog now--I can post that!" Of course, now I can't remember what any of those other thoughts were. ;)

Scott Bennett's Gravatar I have had many epiphanies in the shower, the real trick is remembering them later.... if only they made waterproof white boards
# Posted By Scott Bennett | 2/6/08 7:23 PM
Jason Wade's Gravatar Hey the do make waterproof white boards or something like it for scuba diving. It even comes with a rope so you can hang it around the shower head.

I'm more of a in the car driving/riding thinker. Until I can get me a driver I have to keep a recorder with me to talk into.
# Posted By Jason Wade | 2/6/08 9:56 PM
Brian Meloche's Gravatar I, too, do some of my best thinking in the shower. Another popular place for me to think is while I am driving. I don't know why, but... it's true.
# Posted By Brian Meloche | 2/6/08 11:04 PM
Cheyenne's Gravatar I do most of my best thinking when there is no electronic way to actually capture the thought. Which means it rarely makes it out there. Of course, if I carried a recorder or
portable waterproof laptop, would I then have those thoughts? Hmm, probably not. I guess its a give and take with only the top ideas making it. Just think how crowded the
blogosphere would be if we could collectively post any thought when we needed. Reminds me of the bee people in Enders game
# Posted By Cheyenne | 2/7/08 5:20 PM
DeeAnn's Gravatar mmm... Well... in the shower I do alot of thinking about God and a bit of praying as well as evaluating where I AM in life, vs where I need to be and what I need to fix about myself. However, the best ever commune with God experience you can EVER have is in a HOT TUB!! just close you eyes and let the heat work its magic on your muscles while you ponder bible chapters, prayer, and WHO God is ad how Awesome he is! Showers and hot tubs are a great time to tune inward and be with God! Yes I know it sounds preachy but It's worked for me!
# Posted By DeeAnn | 7/12/08 4:17 PM
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