My blog has moved!

I have made a slight change in the location of my blog: previously it was at and now it can be found at

So is that old location given above now a broken link? Nope--if you hit a page in its old location, you will be redirected to its new location. Note that this is true not just for the main page of the blog but for any page. How does it work? Just a few lines of code for ColdFusion 8. Stay tuned for more details....

What I'm not sure about is how consumers of RSS feeds will react to this change--the RSS feed isn't present in its old location but requests for it in its old location will be redirected to its new location. However, I'm not sure how well readers will handle this. Please leave me a comment and let me know how yours does.

DeeAnn's Gravatar You know josh, back when I learned HTMl, I assumed it would not be a permanant thing based one one thing: technology and the world both change. So I'm not at all surprised by RSS changing. My one regret is that I did not have the courage to go out and make the mistakes that learning java would have allowed me to learn. I'm sorta learning i now and trying to catch up on ten years of technology.
# Posted By DeeAnn | 7/12/08 4:24 PM
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